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Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Dance Band

The Geordie Diamond

1. The Geordie Diamond 3 x 40 Strathspey The Geordie Diamond (Ian Thow) Mrs Jessie Blair (Jimmy Shand Snr) The Green Hill (Jim Johnstone)
2. The Newcastle Festival 4 x 32 Reel Newcastle Festival Reel (Ian Thow) John Cass’s Reel (Ian Thow)
3. The Wingrove Strathspey 4 x 32 Strathspey Wingrove (Ian Thow) Myra’s Strathspey (Ian Hardie) Jim Broon of Kintillo (Angus Fitchet) Mrs Agnes Crowe of Balmullo (Angus Fitchet)
4. Smiling Sally 8 x 32 Jig Sally Salvesen’s Jig (Ian Thow) Anne-Maree Morrison of Borve (Bill Black) Grace Morrison of Borve (Bill Black) Cathie & Jim Lambie (Bill Black)
5. Maureen’s Medley 64 Strathspey 64 Reel The Maureen Barlow Strathspey (Ian Thow) The Maureen Barlow Reel (Ian Thow)
6. Still Buzzing 8 x 32 Reel John Ferguson’s Swat (Ian Thow) Kirk’s Hornpipe (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) Storer’s Hornpipe (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) Miss S J Marshall (Jim Johnstone)
7. Double Score 4 x 40 Strathspey Pam Scott’s Strathspey (Ian Thow) My Only Joe & Dearie (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) The Star O’ Robbie Burns (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) The Hairst Meen (Ian Thow)
8. The Tyneside Ceilidh 6 x 32 Reel The Tyneside Ceilidh (Ian Thow) Donald Ridley’s Compliments To Ian Peterson (Donald Ridley) Ian Wilson’s Reel (Donald Ridley)
9. St. Chad’s Strathspey 3 x 32 Strathspey St Chad’s Strathspey (Ian Thow) The Kail Pot (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) Bobby Harvey Strathspey (Angus Fitchet)
10. The Keys 4 x 32 Jig The Keys (Freda M Phillipson) Harvest Time (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) The Bannet Stane (Rob Grodon) Parnell’s Dragoons (Trad - Arr R Whitehead)
11. The Devil’s Water 4 x 40 Strathspey Kathryn Tickell’s Strathspey (Roddy Mathews) Stewart & Kathleen Walker (Jim Johnstone) Mrs Rae Wallace (Jim Johnstone) Bill Ewan’s Strathspey (Ian Cruickshanks)
12. Blagdon Hall 4 x 48 Reel Lord & Lady Ridley of Blagdon (Ian Thow) George Work (George Bell) The Elegant Esther Gray (Lindsay Ross) Willie Anderson of Dalharn (George Bell)
13. The Newcastle Half Century 8 x 32 Jig The Half Century Jig (Freda M Phillipson) Corby Loch (C F Sherrit) Jack’s Jig (C F Sherrit) The Dandy Dancer (Jim Johnstone)
14. A Jig for Helen 4 x 40 Jig Inglesyde (Freda M Phillipson) Wee Murdie (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) The Earl of Dunmore (Trad - Arr R Whitehead) Isobel MacDonald (Willie Lawrie)
15. Peter & Madeleine Quince 8 x 32 Reel Peter & Madeleine’s Wedding (Sandy Nixon) Da Road tae Holligarth (Peter D Scollay) The Laggan Stockman (Gordon Pattullo) Crackens (Graeme Mitchell)

Robert Whitehead Geordie Diamond