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Danelaw Dance Band

Eva Three Step
Dovecote Park
Dr Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (Jimmy Shand Snr)  


Reels 8 x 32 Bars
Suitable for Shiftin Bobbins etc
Dirk Kommer’s Reel (Jim Johnstone)

The Maryhill Highlanders (Angus Fitchet)

The Green Dykes (Jim Johnstone)

Gordon Patullo’s Reel (Angus Cameron)


Emma (David Patrick)

Suitable for White Heather  Foxtrot

George Atkinson Polka (Robert W Whitehead)

Jigs 5 x 32 Bars
Miss Jacqueline Dixon (Bernard Dixon)

Rock Valley Jig (John Burt)

Balcomie House (Trad)

Kenny Wilson’s Jig (Ian Holmes)

Granny Wade’s Jig (Maureen Rutherford)

Gay Gordons Two Step
The Banks of the Nith (Jim Johnstone)

Tam’s Crackers (Colin Brown)

The Troops March (Colin Finlayson)

St Bernard’s Waltz
Valse Chinoise

Redesdale Hornpipe (James Hill)

Boys of Bluehill (Trad)

The Cluther Hornpipe (Trad)

King of the Fairies (Trad)

Reels 5 x 32 Bars
Suitable for Black Mountain Reel etc

The Road to Holligarth (Peter D Scollay)

The Laggan Stockman (Gordon Patullo)

Crackens (Graeme Mitchell)

George Aitchison (Bill Black)

Flirtation Twostep
The Dundee Twostep (Lindsay Ross)

Viennese Swing
Simmer Dim (Gideon Stove)

Jigs 4 x 32 Bars
Suitable for Postie’s Jig or Joe MacDiarmid’s Jig etc

Young Scotty (Charlie Sherrit)
The Goggle-Eyed Prawn (Willie Lawrie)

Heather Mixture Jig (Jimmy Shand Snr)

The Tea Garden (Angus Chisholm)

White Heather Foxtrot

Torbeag (Gordon Patullo)

Dugald Torquil MacPhail of Kilberry (Iain T MacPhail)

Boston Two Step
The Dancing Granny (Robert W Whitehead)

The Lomond Waltz
Soft Lowland Tongue of the Border (Trad)

Fairy Lullaby (Trad)

All along Loch Long (Hubert Gregg)

Jigs 8 x 32 Bars
The Whistling Postman
Andy Clark of Crieff
The Kesh (Trad)
The Jig Runrig (Fergie MacDonald MBE)

The Waltz of the Bells  
Muriel Bell Waltz (George Bell)


Reels 8 x 32 Bars
Mary Printy (Iain T MacPhail)

James Forester Rankine (Andrew Rankine)

Highland Diamond (Andrew Rankine)

Bessie Bell’s Reel (Jim Johnstone)

Novelty Polka
Pigmie’s Polka (Joseph Kokally)

Reels  8 x32 Bars
Sally Gardens (Trad)
The Barmaid (Trad)

The Mason’s Apron (Trad)

Wullafjord (Trad)

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