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Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Dance Band

Strictly Scottish Volume 1 CD

1. J B Milne (8x32 Reel) - J B Milne/Bill Sutherland/Highland Lassie/Airlie Bobbies
2. Quarries Jig (8x32 Jig) - Mrs Muir McKenzies Fancy/Ian McKintosh of Pine House/Patricia Anne Douglas/Warwicksland
3. Strathspey (4x32) - Miss Kate Farrell/Mrs B Jolly/Mrs Margaret E Campbell/Seafield Strathspey
4. The Sailor (8x32 Reel) - The Davy Hornpipe/Grace Brown's Reel/ Tom Howard's Hornpipe/Guilderoy
5. Jig (5x32) - Kenny Wilson's Jig/Heather Mixture Jig/Donald Iain Rankine
6. Strathspey (3x48) Partan's In His Creel/Inchgarth Strathspey/Major Thomas of Cairnleith
7. Caddam Wood (5x32 Reel) Caddam Wood/Pat Donald/Rose Tree/Reel of Tullochgorum/Rakes of Mallow
8. Airs & Graces (8x32 Jig) Ian Barbour's Jig/Miss Stewart's Jig of Bombay/Dumfries House/ My Wife's A Wanton Wee Thing
9. Wind On Loch Fyne (3x32 Strathspey)  Scotch Mist/Thack Cottage/The Clachan
10. Red Rose & White (8x32 Reel)  The New High Level/Jean Milligan/Dancing The Baby/Snouts and Ears
11. Doune Ferryman (4x40 Jig, Two Chords) Bonnie Dundee/Rab Smillies Jig/Ross Hunter/Maidens
12. Reel (4x40) Master Erskine/Legget's Reel/Fitful Head/Willa Fjord
13. Longhandled Broom (8x32 Strathspey)  Lady Madeline Sinclair/Jessie Smith/Lord Moira/Rose Among The Heather/South of the Grampians/Colonel Bing's Favourite/Wife She Brewed It/The Fiddler's Joy
14. Cramond Bridge (8x32 Reel) Valerie Farr's Reel/The Maryhill Highlanders/The Green Dykes/Gordon Pattullo's Reel

Robert Whitehead
(First Accordion)
Christopher Whitehead
(Second Accordion)
David Ashbridge
Ken Park
Alan Brown

Robert Whitehead