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Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Dance Band

Strictly Scottish Volume Two CD

1. Angus McLeod (2x64 Reel) - Original
2. The Happy Meeting (8x32 Jig) - Greenholm/Rock Valley Jig/Mr & Mrs Brian Ridley/George Carrick
3. Strathspey Set (3x32) - Manchester Caledonians/South Inch house/Cambeltown Kiltie Ball
4. Shiftin Bobbins (8x32 Reel) - Original/Miss C M Barbour/The Belinda Clinskale Twostep/Shambly Woods
5. Miss Bennett's Jig (8x32 Jig) - Miss Betty Hunter/Sir Torquil Munro/Athole Volunteers Quickstep/Duncan Campbell of Oban
6. New Scotland Strathspey (4x40 Strathspey) - Original/Shetland Fiddlers Society/Lass O'Corrie's Mill/Mrs Adie
7. Lt. Shortland's Reel (5x40 Reel) - Flowers of Edinburgh/Dunstanburgh Castle/Jock Wilson Of Fenton/ Great North Run '86
8. Bees Of Maggienockater (4x32 Jig) - Forres Country Dance/Snowy Monday/Jimmies Jig/Martin Stewart
9. The Garry Strathspey (4x32 Strathspey) - Jigtime Polka
10. Crossing The Line (6x32 Reel) - Miss Gayton's Hornpipe/South Lea/Luggin The Box
11. To & Fro (8x32 Jig) - Christopher Whitehead/The Frost Is All Over/Sweet Biddy Daley/The Drunken Parson
12.  Strathspey Set (5x32) - Mary & Maurice Cooper/Miss Irene Fiddler's Strathspey/Countryfare/Corsenside Common/The Green Hill
13. Follow Me Home (8x32 Jig) - Miss Catherine Stewart/Pettyraich/Wee Murdie/Da Sooth Ens/Woodhaven Pier
14. The Irish Rover (8x32 Reel) - Original/The Foggy Dew/The Boys From Wexford/Let Him Go Let Him Tarry

Robert Whitehead
(First Accordion)
Christopher Whitehead
(Second Accordion)
David Ashbridge
Ken Park
Alan Brown

Robert Whitehead